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21st Century - New Generation Arbor Press


  • Stockcode: TFC 1010-EL
  • Model: TFC 1010-EL
  • Manufactured by: 21st Century Shooting
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5 kg
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21st Century New Generation Arbor Press
  • Improved Arbor Press with direct leverage action
  • Lightweight return spring aids in feel of resistive feedback
  • Adjustable Press height
  • Integrated loading block with extended base configuration
  • Easily mounted to loading bench
  • Also works with neck sizing hand dies

Our New Generation Arbor Press is the perfect upgrade forshooters looking to get the most out of their hand dies. With many truly uniquefeatures, this arbor press excels where many others fall flat.

This press features a butter-smooth direct leverage action.The tight tolerances of this design and exclusion of friction-inducing gearsensures that the press exerts consistent pressure through its full range ofmotion with minimal effort. Leverage is increased through the incorporation ofan extra-long press handle, reducing hand and arm fatigue. The return springsare strong enough to reset the press but do not diminish the operator’s abilityto feel the resistive feedback generated by neck tension. Press head clearanceis adjustable up to 9”, yielding extra flexibility.

Our range-portable model features an extended base that doesnot need to be mounted or bolted down in order to function. For easy transportthe press can be broken down and reassembled in a few seconds with a singleallen wrench. Interchangeable 25 round reloading blocks help the shooter sortand organize cartridges while using the press on the bench or at the range.Extra reloading blocks are available.

A short base reloading bench model is available forreloaders who do not need to take their press to the range. It must be mountedfor proper operation, but the smaller footprint helps save space on crowdedbenches. Good hardware run through the twin countersunk mounting holes willlock the base plate securely to your bench. If you later want to take yourpress to the range, you can purchase an extra extended base plate and post towhich you can transfer the press head.


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