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21st Century - Expander Die Body - Standard


  • Stockcode: TFC 904
  • Model: TFC 904
  • Manufactured by: 21st Century Shooting
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21st Century Expander Die Body - Standard

7/8-14 threaded OD for standard press. Machined internallyto accept 3/8" dia. shank expanders. This tool helps to keep your casesconcentric during the expanding operation. The mandrel is then allowed to freefloat inside the case to compensate for press ram and shell holdermisalignment. CNC Machined from stainless steel barstock. Knurled head for easyin and out adjustment. Aluminum cap retains expanding mandrel and allows forfloating function. Aluminum Loading Die Locking Ring has a nylon ball andlocking nut to hold in place.

Our extra long expander die body is for the 338 Lapua, longMAG and etc.


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