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21st Centruy - Black Nitride Expander Mandrel - 7mm


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  • Model: TFC NBE28
  • Manufactured by: 21st Century Shooting
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21st Century Shooting is excited to unveil a brand new product! Introducing the Slippery black Expanders, this new products will revolutionize the way you reload. Based on our proven technology these products will reduce friction and galling, they are as hard as carbide and as slick as graphite. We recommend our Moly Dry Neck Lube for use with our expander mandrels Moly Dry Neck Lube (

21st Century Expander Mandrels and Arbors are designed for proper fit in our die bodies. While these may work in most Sinclair and PMA die bodies we cannot guarantee proper fitment in those bodies. 

These are sized .0008"  (+/-  .0002")  below bullet diamete


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