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Barnard - Rail - 60 MOA for Chey Tac


  • Stockcode: BRND 60MOA CT
  • Model: BRND 60MOA CT
  • Manufactured by: BARNARD
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Scope Mounting Rails/Bases:

Piccatinny style and manufactured from 6061 Aluminium billet and hard black anodized.

We believe with the new range of scopes available with well over 110-120 moa of elevation available we would be well served to make 40-50 & 60 MOA rails for our actions. The PL & especially the P-Chey would benefit, guys are shooting further & further these days.

For other customers that want to have their own desired Rail MOA we are also providing Scope Rail Blanks for customized finishing. 

These Rail Blanks do not have the holes for mounting drilled nor does it have the bottom finished this means fitting to any desired action possible. we advise on a competent gunsmith to carry out this work.

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