Swarovski - CL Companion 8x30 Binocular Kit


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  • Manufactured by: Swarovski Optik
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CL Companion 8x30 Green Binocular Kit w/ Urban Jungle Accessory Pack


You’ll never miss out with the new CL Companion. These elegant binoculars with impressive optics fit perfectly in your hand. They are always with you to ensure you make the most of every sighting.


CL Companion 8x30 B

The new CL Companion 8x30 has a 132 m (144 yd) field of view to give you the perfect overview. Its impressive optics with 8x magnification ensure your viewing is smooth and jitter-free. The ergonomic design of these compact, lightweight (490 g/17.2 oz) binoculars makes them an excellent companion providing you with unique experiences when you’re on the move.

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