Delta - Titanium 2.5-15X50 HD - 4AS illuminated Reticle


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Ever popular riflescope with a six-level zoom range, allowing for fast and reliable long-distance shots. This model is especially recommended for individual and drive hunting. Two reticles available – the immensely popular 4A S and the truly unique 2D with two extra dots in a horizontal line scaled at a magnification of 8x. 2D reticle is especially recommended for sport shooters (e.g. wild boar driven hunt competition).

Delta Optical Titanium riflescopes are very popular with hunters and shooters across Europe and around the world.

We owe this astonishing popularity to the excellent parameters of all products in the Titanium series:

Extremely high light transmission of about 92% for the entire optical system, and up to 98% for the individual layers - locates the Delta Optical Titanium riflescopes at the top of the game! All this has been confirmed by tests carried out at the German DEVA Institute.

Every hunter knows how important the mechanical resistance of such precise optical device is, so we have introduced robust but sleek tubes in two sizes - 30 mm and 34 mm (for selected models). Such design is able to withstand gunshocks up to 6500 J. (1000 G)

Experienced shooters will surely appreciate the drum-sights reset option, which enables settings of choice and their repeatability. Water-resistance due to nitrogen filling allows for comfortable use in any and all conditions.

The versatility of our riflescopes is additionally emphasized by the day-night backlight which allows for adjusting the intensity of the aiming point for particular shooting environment.

Delta Optical Titanium HD riflescopes include a number of innovative solutions that make them even more accurate and comfortable. HD optics and a brand new optical design result in the picture that is much clearer and sharper thus providing all the necessary brightness for accurate long-range shots even at higher magnification.

We have also greatly improved comfort of use. Backlit adjustment knob has been moved to the center of the riflescope, resulting in fast and easy change of backlit settings.

For riflescopes with parallax correction (SF versions) adjustment knob has been arranged coaxially with backlight adjustment knob.

All Titanium premium riflescopes are covered by a 10-year warranty (optics, mechanics, electronics).

* Not applicable for riflescopes with a tube diameter of 24,5cm

Titanium 2.5-15X50 - 4A S illuminated Raticle + Weight 740g -

Angular field of view [degrees]: 8.22 - 1.42

Linear field of view at 100m [m]: 14.4 - 2.5

Exit pupil [mm]: 11.6 - 3.4

Eye relief [mm]: 99 - 98

Water resistance: 0,3kg/cm2

Weight [g]: 740

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