Delta - Titanium 4.5-30x50 - SFP - Illuminated MCZ II Reticle


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  • Model: DO-2410
  • Manufactured by: Delta
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Quite impressive zoom range and unique reticles make this model an ideal tool for long-distance sports shooters. It has nice, open and easy to use drums, allowing for 1/8 MOA adjustement, as well as a side parallax adjustement knob. This riflescope is available with two unique reticles - MCZ and MCZII and classic 4A. The astonishing feature of the MCZ reticle is that it allows for evaluation of distance from the target, as well as correction of precipitation or surpass. This is the first such reticle in the world and it has already been highly appreciated by experienced and ambitious shooters.

Titanium -: 4.5 - 30 X 50 - MCZ II ill Reticle --Angular field of view [degrees]: 4.12 - 0.65 - Linear field of view at 100m: 7.2 - 1.1m - Exit pupil [mm]: 10.7 - 1.59 - Eye relief 95mm - Water resistance: 0.3 kg/cm2 -Weight 762g

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