Nightforce - ATACR 5-25x56 ZS .250 MOA - DG - MOAR


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  • Manufactured by: Nightforce
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What's in a name? In this case, everything. Our all-new ATACR -- Advanced Tactical Riflescope -- builds upon the long and successful history of our NXS series. The result is a riflescope of unprecedented long-range capability and image quality.

The 34mm tube allows 120 MOA/34.9 Mils of elevation adjustment -- 20% more than our most capable NXS. Fully multi-coated ED glass results in light transmission values of over 90%, brilliant images and exceptional color contrast. A magnification range of 5x to 25x, and a wider field of view as a result of its unique optical prescription (17.96 feet at 5x) will cover virtually any situation a shooter could encounter.

All this power comes in a compact package, too, measuring just 14.3" in length. Our patented ZeroStop is standard, and the ATACR is offered with three of our most sophisticated reticles, leaving nothing to chance.

The ATACR redefines the "long" in long range for serious shooters and hunters, pushing the envelope of precisiona?|and possiblity.

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