Forster - Pilot .308 for Hand Held Outside Neck Turner


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  • Model: FO HOT2308
  • Manufactured by: Forster
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The Pilot functions as a mandrel that precisely guides the carbide cutter in the Hand Held Outside Neck Turner:

Widest range of sizes in the industry

Precision machined, dedicated Pilots are .002" to .0025" smaller than the bullet diameter

Hand Held Outside Neck Turner Pilots are not interchangeable with Outside Neck Turner Pilots, which fit onto a Case Trimmer

This Pilot is designed for .308" diameter bullets. We offer 28 other standard Pilot sizes, as well as custom diameters. (Variation in brass hardness, wall thickness, or in other manufacturers’ expander ball dimensions may require a custom-machined Pilot to fit your specific circumstances.)

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