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Swarovski - Spotting Scope Objective Module, ATX/STX/BTX 95mm


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  • Manufactured by: Swarovski Optik
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Spotting Scope Objective Module - ATX/STX/BTX 95mm - 30-70x Magnification

The 95 mm objective module offers outstanding detailresolution. This device even pushes optical tests to their limits and it is theultimate benchmark for those who want to see even tiny details in razor-sharpfocus. 


The new modular design offers previously unimagined flexibilityand you are free to choose the perfect solution as the situation dictates. Incollaboration with experts, we have developed digiscoping adapters that open upa new realm of ways in which to observe and share the most beautiful moments.Perfectly designed down to the smallest detail, you will be equipped for anysituation.


Nothing escapes you. Thanks to their wide field of view, theATX/STX spotting scopes provide you with a broader, more exciting platform foryour viewing experience. In spite of their high zoom range, the new generationof telescopes offers a large field of view. This allows you to achieve optimummagnification and detail recognition and also makes it extremely easy for youto search for and find objects, especially if they are in motion.



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