McMillan - HTG/TEX Rem700SA, Woodland Spectre, ADL, RV BC


  • Stockcode: MCM HTG/TEX
  • Model: MCM HTG/TEX
  • Manufactured by: McMillan
  • Shipping Weight: 1.6 kg
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McMillan HTG/TEX Stock for Remington 700 Short Action

Color: Molded-In Woodland Spectre

Fill: Sniper

Orientation: Right Hand

Action: Remington 700 Short Action

Recoil Lug: Factory Inlet (Recoil Lug Not Included)

Screw Holes: Standard

Bottom Metal: Blind Mag, Remington ADL Trigger Guard Inlet (Bottom Metal/Trigger Guard Not Included)

Barrel Channel: Remington Varmint

Recoil Pad: 1/2" Decelerator Pad

Length of Pull: 13.5"

Hardware: 3 Studs, 2 front, 1 back

Aluminum Pillars Installed: Yes

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