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SI Tactical Trigger with Top Safety


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  • Manufactured by: Sidhe Sri
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Trigger’s mechanism designed for tactical guns, also used for hunting by experienced hunters, compatible with the Remington 700 standard, with or without Bolt stop release. It is a 1 or 2-stage trigger, with a safety switch on top or underneath. It has the ability to adjust the release weight (approximately 300/450). The stroke of the first stage and the run of the second stage (nock) always with the trigger mounted on the weapon using the key supplied. Available with a gray, golden or black “curved classic” fixed trigger, or adjustable in position, + 10/5 mm and in corner, + 8 ° in the “classic curved” or “straight target” variants, in the same gray, goldern or black color.

Produced with aeronautical materials such as: ERGAL 7075 anodized for body and trigger, 13.8 PH, 17.4 PH and 1.2083 (55 HRC) for internal components, with the possibility of covering the first lever with TiN or DLC technical coating to reduce further frictions and in fact cancel the usury, increasing the performance.

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