Forster - Case Neck Graphiter


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When sizing a fired case, pulling the expander button through the case can present a problem because residual deposits left from firing can create friction when the expander is withdrawn. In a worst case scenario, that friction can cause distortion or stretching of the case neck. Properly lubricating the inside diameter of your case necks is the answer, but oils are not recommended because of the possibility of gunpowder contamination. The Forster Case Graphiter is constructed of tough, impact resistant plastic and the base is drilled to permit permanent mounting to a loading bench. Three brushes are mounted in the base. They accommodate all calibers from .22 to .35. The Case Graphiter is supplied with adequate white a?omotor micaa?? to process 2000-3000 cases. By moving the case neck up and down on the correct graphite-covered brush, the I.D. of the neck can be cleaned and lubricated at the same time. A cover is included to prevent dust and grit from contaminating the graphite (motor mica).

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