Whidden Gunworsk - Case Gauge .308 Family


  • Stockcode: W CSG-0-0-000308-001
  • Model: W CSG-0-0-000308-001
  • Manufactured by: Whidden
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Case Gauge .308 Family (7.62 NATO, 7.62x51, 243 Win, 260 Rem, 338 Federal, 358 Win)

Whidden Gunworks is pleased to offer Case Gauges to compliment your handloading process. The Case Gauges can be used to determine your own rifle’s headspace and whether or not it falls within SAAMI specifications. Additionally they can be used to determine the headspace of factory ammunition or hand loads and see how they compare with your own chamber. The Case Gauges also can give you information on how to adjust your resizing die to give the optimum amount of shoulder setback during sizing.

The Case Gauges feature all stainless steel construction. They have easy to read markings and they are calibrated using actual Pacific Tool & Gauge headspace gauges. Most Case Gauges will work with several cartridges, so please see the compatibility chart for more information on choosing the right Case Gauge for your aplication.

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