Cutting Edge - Bullets .338, 225gr Maximus HP - Box of 50


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Cutting Edge has offered an extensive number of bullet lines to fill every need, but the one thing that was missing was a bullet Designed for high BC AND high trauma.  The Maximus™ line is a hybrid between CEB’s high BC MTH (Match/Tactical/Hunting)™ line and their high trauma Raptor™ line, filling in the missing piece of the CEB product line offering. 

The Maximus™ is also designed to be more destructive, and have deeper penetration than the Raptor series. After 4-6” of penetration, 4-8 blades break off and create one large, massive wound channel. The number of blades shed is dependent upon velocity. 8 blades will break off at impact velocities over 2400fps, and below that, 4 larger blades will break off down to 1400fps.  

They feature a sleek, smooth profile and feature our unique SealTite™ Band. This patented technology is a band slightly larger than caliber diameter around the body of the bullet which creates a complete seal as the bullet exits the case and maintains that seal until it exits the barrel.  This in turn increases accuracy by eliminating gas blow-by and decreasing copper fouling.

The Maximus line has also been designed to be heavier than the Raptor series making them more appealing to traditional, lead core bullets.

Material: Copper, Lead Free

Caliber: .338

Diameter: .338"

OAL: 1.494"

Weight: 225 grains

Projection Length: .820"

Required Twist Rate: 1:11"

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