VihtaVuori Reloading Powder

VihtaVuori powders are smokeless, clean burning, residue free and low corrosive. Most are surface treated to achieve progressive burning behavior; the surface treatment of the propellant leads to maximum ballistic performance with clean-burning, complete combustion and reduces chamber pressure, flame temperature and barrel wear, thus granting a longer service life for weapons.

The hard graphite coating eliminates static electricity, improves the bulk density and makes handling and loading of powders easy, precise and as safe as possible.

N100 Series
The N100 series powders are single base powders used mainly in rifle calibers with different burning rates and suitability: From the .17 Remington up to the .458 Winchester Magnum and two special powders for .50 BMG

N300 series
The N300 series powders are single base porous powders for handguns. We carry five different handgun powders, each with different kinds of shooting properties and suitable applications.

N500 Series
The N500 series powders are impregnated extruded rifle powders with Nitroglycerol added as extra energy component. If higher loading densities and more energy are needed, N500 series powders are competent alternatives for the N100 series powders.

Product Price
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.5 Kilogram Container for Pistols and Revolvers
N105 - Out of Stock  
N310 $55.00
N320 $55.00
N330 $55.00
N340 $55.00
3N37 $55.00
3N38 $55.00
N350 $55.00
N32C (Tin Star) $55.00
1 Kilogram Container for Rifles
N110 $96.00
N120 $96.00
N130 $96.00
N133 $96.00
N135 $96.00
N140 $96.00
N150 $96.00
N160 $96.00
N165 $96.00
N170 $96.00
N530 $99.00
N540 $99.00
N550 $99.00
N560 $99.00
N570 $99.00
20N29 - Specialized .50 Powder $112.00
24N41 - Specialized .50 Powder $112.00
2 Kilogram Container for Pistols and Revolvers
N310 $189.00
N320 $189.00
N340 $189.00
3N37 $194.00
3N38 $194.00
3.5 Kilogram Container for Rifles
N110 $298.00
N140 $298.00
N150 $298.00
N160 $298.00