Lapua Bullets

The accuracy of the Lapua bullets is based on ultimate quality. The production process is fine tuned to ensure consistent quality using the best raw materials and quality control in every step of the way. The production is supervised continuously with different measurements, tests and test shootings performed on every lot. The 6.5mm Scenar HPBT bullets are renowned for their high Ballistic Coeficients and superior performance in all disciplines.

The Naturalis retains up to 100% of its weight. The valve at the tip of the bullet opens immediately on impact, leading the bullet to expand symmetrically and without shattering. This gives maximal shock effect. Being extremely effective while minimizing meat loss, the Naturalis cartridges have rapidly gained a faithful following among hunters of a wide variety of game on all continents and weather conditions.

During the years the .338 Lapua Magnum has received a steady foothold in many western hemisphere armies and similar organizations with their quality, accuracy and effective range up to 1500 meters.

Part # Prod. Code Caliber Weight Description Price/100
Prices subject to change without notice.
  Vihta Vuori Reloading Manual - 4th Edition $42.00
4PL5004 E372 .223 55gr. Spire Point $27.00
4HL5005 S538 .224 55gr. FMJ $245.00 per 1000
4PL5011 GB541 .224 68gr. OTM Scenar $46.00
4PL5012 - Out of Stock GB527 .224 77gr. OTM Scenar  
4HL5012 GB527 .224 77gr. OTM Scenar $320.00 per 1000
CPL5010 GB501 .224 70gr. HPBT Scenar Moly $36.00
4PL6046 G490 6mm 77gr. HP $42.00
CPL6046 G490 6mm 77gr. HP Moly $42.00
4PL6047 GB493 6mm 90gr. HPBT Scenar $42.00
CPL6047 GB493 6mm 90gr. HPBT Scenar Moly $40.00
4PL6045 GB478 6mm 105gr. HPBT Scenar $49.00
4HL6045 GB478 6mm 105gr. HPBT Scenar $400.00 per 1000
CHL6045 GB478 6mm 105gr. HPBT Scenar Moly $420.00 per 1000
4PL6050 GB542 6mm 105gr. HPBT Scenar L $61.00
4HL6050 GB542 6mm 105gr. HPBT Scenar-L $480.00per 1000
NPL6201 N509 .243 (6.16mm) 90gr. CEX Naturalis $65.00
per 50
4PL6033 GB504 6.5mm 100gr. HPBT Scenar $40.00
4PL6020 GB464 6.5mm 108gr. HPBT Scenar $39.00
CPL6020 GB464 6.5mm 108gr. HPBT Scenar Moly $37.00
4PL6021 GB547 6.5mm 120gr. OTM Scenar L $46.00
4PL6032 GB489 6.5mm 123gr. HPBT Scenar $48.00
4PL6018 GB458 6.5mm 139gr. HPBT Scenar $47.00
4HL6018 GB458 6.5mm 139gr. HPBT Scenar $410.per 1000
4PL6000 B343 6.5mm 144gr. FMJBT Match $49.00
4HL6000 - Out of Stock B343 6.5mm 144gr. FMJBT Match per 1000
4PL6010 E471 6.5mm 155gr. SP Mega Hunting $61.00
4PL6019 GB545 6.5mm 136gr. OTM Scenar L $49.00
NPL6101 N507 6.5mm 140gr. CEX Naturalis LR $75.00 per 50
4PL7400 GB553 7mm 150gr OTM Scenar L $61.00
4PL7401 GB544 7mm 180gr OTM Scenar L $61.00
4HL7401 GB544 7mm 180gr OTM Scenar L $580.00/1000
NPL7028 N510 7mm 160gr CEX Naturalis LR $97.50
per 50
4PL7073 GB491 .308 155gr. HPBT Scenar $47.00
4HL7073 - Out of Stock GB491 .308 155gr. HPBT Scenar per 1000
4PL7069 - Out of Stock GB422 .308 167gr. HPBT Scenar  
4HL7069 - Out of Stock GB422 .308 167gr HBPT Senar per 1000
4PL7071 GB432 .308 185gr. HPBT Scenar $46.00
CPL7071 GB432 .308 185gr. HPBT Scenar Moly $46.00
NPL7101 N505 .308 180gr. Naturalis $70.00 per 50
NPL7102 N518 .308 170gr. CEX Naturalis LR $75.00 per 50
NPL7103 N513 .308 200gr. Naturalis $80.00 per 50
4PL7057 E469 .308 150gr. SP Mega $64.00
4PL7213 E415 .308 185 gr. SP Mega $47.00
4PL7047 E401 .308 200gr. SP Mega $49.00
4PL7091 B466 .308 150gr. FMJBT Lockbase $49.00
4PL7086 B476 .308 170gr. FMJBT Lockbase $49.00
4PL7060 D416 .308 200gr. FMJBT Subsonic $49.00
4PL7019 D46 .308 185gr. FMJBT $45.00
4PL7062 GB551 .308 220gr. OTM Scenar L $76.00
4PL7061 GB550 .308 175gr. OTM Scenar L $61.00
4HL7061 GB550 .308 175gr. OTM Scenar L $550.00 per 1000
4PL7063 GB552 .308 155gr. OTM Scenar L $57.00
4HL7063 GB522 .308 155gr. OTM Scenar L $530.00 per 1000
4PL7005 D166 .310 200gr. FMJBT Match $44.00
4PL7045 S405 7.62 (.311mm) 123gr. FMJ $29.00
4PL8017 GB488 .338 250gr. HPBT Scenar $75.00
4PL8012 B408 .338 250gr. FMJBT Lockbase $76.00
4PL8013 GB528 .338 300gr. HPBT Scenar $86.00
NPL8020 N508 .338 231gr. CEX Naturalis LR $105.00 per 50
NPL8008 N516 8mm 180gr. Naturalis $92.50
per 50
4PL9016 R381 9mm 123gr. FMJ $25.00
4HL9016 R381 9mm 123gr. FMJ $220.00 per 1000
NPL9201 N506 9.3mm 270gr. CEX Naturalis $85.00
per 50
NPL9202 N522 9.3mm 220gr. CEX Naturalis LR $100.00
per 50
4PL9017 E433 9.3mm 285gr. SP Mega $81.00
4PL9000 C355 .38 148gr. LWC $105.00 per 500
4HL8021 C356 .32 98gr. LWC $170.00 per 1000
4PL1271 BMG .50 750 Solid Match $4.50 each
All Pricing in Canadian Dollars