Forster - .204 Ruger Ultra Micrometer Seater Die


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  • Model: FO U00002
  • Manufactured by: Forster
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Includes the popular straight line seating features of our original Bench RestAR Seater Die plus an ultra-accurate micrometer for more precise and measureable bullet seating depth. Bright, white markings make the micrometer easy to read. The Ultraa"c die allows you to adjust seating depth to .001" or even .0005" increments. Much of the trial and error that was once associated with seating accurate rounds is eliminated. Fine tuning of your rounds to bring them out close to the lands of your rifling is simple with the Ultraa"c micrometer die. We have refined the seating stem to better fit a wider range of bullets including ballistic tipped and most VLD (Very Low Drag) bullets.

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