Bushnell - Elite Tactical 3.5-21X50 FFP DMR IIi - G3 ill. - ZS


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  • Manufactured by: Bushnell
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Elite Tactical 3.5-21X50 First Focal Plane DMR IIi - G3 Illuminated Reticle - RevLimiter -ZS - Matte

At less than 13” in length the DMR IIi offers more performance than any scope in its class. This scope provides long-range precision without sacrificing short-range capability.

The new G3 illuminated reticle provides precision holdovers at any range and also allows shooters to more quickly engage moving targets in any light. The scope’s illumination control is integrated with the side parallax focus in one simple knob for easy adjustability.

The ThrowHammer™ Lever makes magnification changes a snap with the flick of a finger. The elevation turret provides 10 mils of adjustment per revolution and is also equipped with the easy-to-set RevLimiter™ zero stop for a positive return to zero.

The features on the new DMR IIi scope add up to more time looking through your scope and less time adjusting it. The only thing more fun than drilling a target 1,000 yards away is doing it faster and more efficiently.

  • G3i Illuminated reticle
  • ThrowHammer™ lever
  • T-Lok™ locking windage turret
  • RevLimiter™ zero stop
  • Fast focus eyepiece

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