KRG - Whiskey 3 Gen 4 Chassis - Tikka T3 - Black


  • Stockcode: KRG 166532
  • Model: KRG 166532
  • Manufactured by: KRG
  • Shipping Weight: 2.4 kg
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The W3C combines precise aluminum bedding with tool-less adjustments, durability, and excellent ergonomics. Right out of the box it allows the use of AICS style magazines (not included) in your rifle without any special bottom metal.

Numerous types of accessories can be added to the many attachment points, including handstops, sling mounts, rails, bipods, monopods, and more.

Our modular grip panels allow the shooter to tailor the fit of the stock to his/her hand which, combined with the other adjustments, yield a stock set up exactly as it needs to be for that particular shooter.

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