Whidden Gunworks - 6.5 Creedmoor FL Bushing Sizer Die


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  • Manufactured by: Whidden
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Whidden Gunworks - 6.5 Creedmoor Full Length Bushing Sizer Die

Whidden Gunworks reloading dies are the best way to be sure you are getting the most out of your time at the reloading bench. If you want maximum precision for your favorite rounds – including many wildcat rounds – you need the tools we build into each one.

Both the Whidden Bushing Die and Whidden Standard Die are manufactured to tolerances that exceed most expectations. The Whidden Bushing Die allows the flexibility of neck tension should a different thickness in the neck of the brass occur from one manufacturer to another. The bushings also allow the shooter the opportunity to achieve the desired neck tension after neck turning of the brass. The bushings allow for .001” increments in neck tension in a range from .17 to .338 calibers.

For precise, consistent OAL handloads, the internals of our sizing die are designed to keep your rounds …. Round. Inside the die a floating sleeve system helps to improve concentricity – a must for repeatable precision. Our hand-polished sizer die has a shorter OAL for better shoulder bump-back, a smaller base, and tighter internal tolerances. All of our standard sizer dies include a shoulder datum collar (shoulder bump gauge) to measure shoulder bump and headspace. They also include a pin retainer should you chose to use your sizer without the expander. The wide knurling on the die and lock ring make small hand adjustments simple. The tolerances of the Whidden Standard Die give a repetitive measurement time after time. The Standard die comes complete with a die locking ring to allow the operator to secure the die at the preferred setting. Once the die is set, the locking ring is simply secured using an allen head machine set screw. This allows for a consistent setting from one loading to the next without the need for adjustment.

The micrometer adjustable seating die has flutes for precise hand adjustment at the loading bench. The depth increments are easily read and will stay that way

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