CG Triggers

The CG X-Treme Mod 22 trigger is designed by Robert Chombart and is a 100% machined trigger utilizing 3 dimensional solid modeling design and the best materials and manufacturing techniques available in the United States.

Part # Product Price
Prices subject to changae without notice.
CG-M98-TS  Mauser 98, 3-lever, BA, TS, 1-CS,  $330.00
CG-RPAQLK.5  Quadlock .5kg  $310.00
CG-TIKKA5XX  Tikka, 558>658, CS, 1600g  $311.00
CG-TIKKA5XX-TS  Tikka, TS, CS, > 558/658, 500g  $345.00
SS - Straight Shoe, CS - Curved Shoe, TS - Top Safety, BR - Bolt Release
All Pricing in Canadian Dollars