Barnard Precision Actions

Barnard Precision was established in 1993 to continue the production of the BARNARD P action designed by Peter Barnard - these actions are still a winning favourite of competitive long range shooters worldwide.

Actions, Rifles and Accessories for target shooters are our main areas of specialty expertise, plus we cater for those who specifically look for precision long range shooting advantages - if you are looking for quality then Barnard is the place to head.

High quality manufacturing is what we do each and every day, which means we stand by all our products and provide a high level of support to our International Dealer network so that they can also deliver the best products and service available.

Part # Product Price
Prices subject to change without notice.
BRND GP Model-GP, .50 Cal $3600.00
BRND P RB RP E Model-P, Trigger, RB RP .308 Ejector $1575.00
BRND P RB RP NE Model-P, Trigger, RB RP .308 No Ejector $1500.00
BRND P DV Model-P, Trigger, RB RP .308, Dovetail $1595.00
BRND P LH Model-P, Trigger, LB LP .308 Ejector $1575.00
BRND PC Model-PC, Trigger, RB LP .308, w/ Ejector $1650.00
BRND PC1 Model-PC, Trigger, LB RP .308, $1650.00
BRND PL .338 Model-PL, RB RP, Trigger $1625.00
BRND PLM Model-PLM, Trigger, RB RP Repeater $1795.00
BRND S .223 Model-S, RB RP .223, w/ Ejector $1300.00
BRND S .308 Model-S, RB RP .308, w/ Ejector $1300.00
BRND S LH .308 Model-S, LB LP .308, w/ Ejector $1629.00
BRND SM Model-SM, Rem 700 Footprint, w/ Magazine $1500.00
BRND P A Model-P, RP, Action Only $700.00
BRND PL B Model-PL, RB, w/ RP Ejector $575.00
BRND BLT P Model-P, RB, w/ RP Ejector $550.00
BRND BLT P .223RBRPE Model-P, .223 RB, w/ RP Ejector $525.00
BRND BLT PM Model-P, Magnum Bolt Face $525.00
BRND CENTRAL SB P Sight Block Central, P Action $90.00
BRND CENTRAL SB S Sight Block Central, S Action $90.00
BRND WR. P Model-P Action Wrench $160.00
BRND WR. S Model-S Action Wrench $160.00
BRND 17MOA 17 MOA Base $120.00
BRND 25MOA 25 MOA Base $120.00
BRND 25MOA PL 25 MOA PL Base $125.00
BRND 30MOA Chey Tac 30 MOA Bae $110.00
BRND V BLK-P V Block for Model-P Action $95.00
BRND V BLK PT/PL V Block for Model-PT/PL Action $95.00
BRND V BLK-S V Block for Model-S Action $95.00
BRND RECOIL LUGS Sand rear non-tapered side for snug fit. Loctite $35.00
BRND R. SPIGOTS Recoil Spigots $9.75
RB = Right Bolt, RP = Right Port, LB = Left Bolt, LP = Left Port
All Pricing in Canadian Dollars