Centerfire Ammo

Lapua centrefire ammunition is used by snipers, police, ISU, CISM and others demanding top accuracy. Lapua developed the .338 Lapua Magnum, the first cartridge developed exclusively as a sniper round and this is now the designated Medium Range Sniper Rifle Round (MRSR) of the Western World.

In .308 Winchester, Lapua has the widest selection of sniper ammo in the world and is the choice of many top units. The 6mm BR Norma is the most popular caliber in ISSF and CISM 300m disciplines and the new 6.5 X 47 Lapua round has proven to be a worthy competitor.

Part # Prod. Code Caliber Weight Description Price/Rnd
All Pricing in Canadian Dollars
Prices subject to change without notice.
4315011 GB501 .223 Rem 69gr. HPBT $1.55
4316045 GB493 6mm BR 90gr. HPBT Scenar Contact
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4316046 GB478 6mm BR 105gr. HPBT Scenar Contact
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4316021 E471 6.5 X 55 SE 155gr. Mega SP $2.15
4316030 GB458 6.5 X 55 SE 139gr. HPBT Scenar Contact
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4316032 GB489 6.5 X 55 SE 123gr. HPBT Scenar Contact
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4316035 GB504 6.5 X 55 SE 100gr. HPBT Scenar Contact
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4317073 GB491 .308 Win. 155gr. HPBT Scenar Contact
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4317515 GB422 .308 Win. 167gr. HPBT Scenar Contact
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4317523 GB432 .308 Win. 185gr. HPBT Scenar Contact
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4317183 D46 .308 Win. 170gr. FMJRBT Contact
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4317596 B476 .308 Win. 170gr. FMJBT Lockbase Contact
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4317498 E469 .308 Win. 150gr. Mega SP Contact
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4317340 B416 .308 Win. 200gr. FMJBT Subsonic Contact
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4317235 S405 7.62 X 39 123gr FMJ $1.25
4317563 E415 .30-06 185gr. Mega SP $2.50
4318033 B408 .338 LM 250gr. FMJBT Lockbase $6.75
4318017 GB488 .338 LM 250gr. HPBT Scenar - Out of Stock Contact
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4319010 E433 9.3 X 62 285gr. Mega SP $2.79
4318026 C356 .32 S&WL 98gr. WC $ .95
4318023 C427 .32 S&WL 83gr. WC $ .95