Farrell Industries

Ken Farrell started in business on November 1, 1966, utilizing all his prior years of experience in the aircraft and missile industries in Southern California. He created what is known as a job shop. Ken knows what quality is due to having worked for companies like Hughes Aircraft and many others. Also he has been involved in making gun parts for many different gun manufacturers over the years.

After moving from California to Missouri in 1994 he built a new shop and produced quality products for many different companies. Then he began making his own products. Living in an area rich in wild life, he chose to develop many quality products related to the rifle/gun industry.

Part # Product Price
Prices subject to change without notice.
FR 4-8-40T-SCR  8-40 Torx Screws  $2.80
FR BORDEN-ALPINE-1-0 Borden Alpine 0MOA $135.00
FR BORDEN-TIMB-1-0 Borden Timberline 0MOA $135.00
FR CLR-VU-BLK Scope Level $59.00
FR REM-7S-1-0  Base, Rem 700 SA Flat  $129.00
FR FGF-REM-7S-1-20  Base, Rem 700SA 20MOA GForce - Out of Stock $140.00
FR REM-7S-1-20  Base, Rem 700SA 20MOA M1913 $129.00
FR REM-7S-1-30 Base, Rem 700SA 30MOA $84.00
FR REM700-7S-1-40  Base, Rem 700SA 40MOA $85.00
FR SAV-OS-A-20 Base, Sav Old Style 20MOA $129.00
FR SAV-L-2P-1-0 2PC Mount Sav pre 2003 0MOA $129.00
FR SAV-PRES-TAR-1-10 Sav. Prec. Targer 10MOA $135.00
FR SAV-PRES-TAR-1-15 Sav. Prec. Targer 15MOA $135.00
FR SAV-PRETARG-1-20  Base, Savage Prec Target 20MOA  $135.00
FR SAV-RTS-1-30 Base, Savage 30MOA $129.00
FR WBY-M5-STD-1-0 Base, Weatherby M5 0MOA $130.00
FR WBY-M5-STD-1-20 Base, Weatherby M5 20MOA $130.00
FR 0010IN-STD-ALB  Rings, 1" Aluminum Standard - Out of Stock $169.00
FR 00101N-H-ALB  Rings, 1" Aluminum Black  $169.00
FR 0030 MM-L  Rings, 30 MM Low STL BLK Matte  $169.00
FR 0030MM-STD-ALB  Rings, 30mm Aluminum Black  $169.00
FR 0030 MM-MED-ALB  Rings, 30mm Med. Al BLK Matte  $169.00
FR 0030 MM-MED  Rings, 30mm STL Low BLK Matte  $169.00
All Pricing in Canadian Dollars